If you can get past the spam filters, you can reach me by via email at michaelb  @  qbrundage . com.

Among other things, I'm a dad, husband, friend, software developer, amateur marimbist, recreational mathematician, gamer, and budding author. Addison-Wesley recently published my first solo book, XQuery: The XML Query Language!

I'm currently a Software Design Engineer for the Xbox System Software team at Microsoft. I can't say much about what I work on until the next version of the Xbox ships, but the team is great and we're working hard to build the best console gaming experience ever. As an avid gamer myself, I'm really excited about what we (and all our partners who are developing Xbox games) are creating!

Before that, I was the Technical Lead for XML Query Processing in Microsoft's WebData team (part of the SQL Server organization). WebData makes many of Microsoft's data access and XML technologies. I personally implemented XPath over Annotated Schemas for Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 database and SQLXML releases. I also created Microsoft's first prototypes of the XQuery language (over in-memory XML and SQL Server), and was influential in Microsoft's initial XQuery efforts. I invented Microsoft's Common Query Runtime (CQR), some semblance of which will ship as the System.Xml.Query namespace in the .NET Framework, and will be used by many of Microsoft's products (including future versions of Visual Studio, Windows, SQL Server, and Office). As part of that work, I invented an XML query algebra and XML query optimizer.

Before Microsoft, I worked at Caltech/JPL working on a wide range of research projects for Caltech and NASA:

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